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Got Solar? Get The Most Out Of Your Investment!

Increase your Solar Panel Efficiency Up To 30% With Valley Solar Clean!

Without regular cleaning and maintenance you will not be receiving the full financial benefit of your investment. Increase your energy savings and solar panel efficiency with Valley Solar Clean and make the most of your investment.
Pollution, traffic dust, sea salt spray, general dust, bird droppings, moss and fungus prevent light reaching your solar panels, contributing to a big reduction in solar energy being produced. Valley Solar Clean can help you get that energy back.
Just like you wouldn’t expect rain to clean your car, rain won’t clean your solar panels either. Valley Solar Clean Technicians are insured and trained to keep your panels operating at maximum efficiency so you get the most out of your investment all year round.
Did you know, most solar panel manufacturers specify regular cleaning as a requirement of warranty periods and claims? Not only do they specify regular cleaning periods, they also specify required methods of cleaning. Harsh chemicals not only damage your solar panels they also have the ability to void your solar panel warranty! Using Valley Solar Clean, you’ll receive a tailored fit cleaning within the warranty guidelines of your solar panels warranty requirements. Through the use of chemical free de-ionised water, soft bristle brushes and safe handling- not only will it boost the efficiency of your panels, it will ultimately protect your warranty!
Call 661-535-2226 to arrange for a Valley Solar Clean technician to provide a No obligation free quote and get your panels making money for you again.

Our Services

With regular visits from Valley Solar Clean, we will ensure your solar panel system
is performing to 100% of its capabilities.


Valley Solar Clean are here to provide a cost effective and simple service – we clean and inspect your solar panels safely and efficiently, bringing them back to life so your panels operate at maximum efficiency. Solar panels are usually made of a quality glass. To avoid damage, care is required when cleaning your solar panels.
Our product and process leaves no water spots, residue or harmful chemicals. We Use DI-ionized water and is entirely environmentally friendly!


Valley Solar Clean provides a cost effective and simple service to businesses, Schools, Dairy Farms, and Ag Farms. clean and inspect your solar panels safely and efficiently, bringing them back to life so your panels operate at maximum efficiency. Which mean you get the most out of your investment. Valley Solar Clean understands that businesses need to run efficiently and effectively. If you are an owner of a company with buildings, leasing someone’s space or land with a solar system, we offer a hassle free service that will cause no disruption to your daily business production, while you reap the rewards of effectively operating solar panels. 


We Can Help whether you have 1000-100,000 panels or more no job is too large! Solar farm sites are a relatively long-term investment, which means that solar panels must be kept in good working order to reduce maintenance and panel replacement costs. If solar panels are not regularly cleaned, dirt and other foreign bodies are likely to reduce productivity and diminish the owner’s ROI.

About Us

Valley Solar Clean is a local and family owned Solar Panel cleaning company that offers a high level of service. We perform thousands of solar cleaning jobs every year for the people in our community. When Valley Solar Clean was started, it was built on the theory that customer service was the most important thing. To this day we still stand on that theory.
As a local business owner, we understand what most people are looking for. Someone local, good service, a trustworthy company, and someone who’s professional. That’s why every portion of our business reflects those traits.

Prices for Residential/Commercial Special Offers! Thru Dec 31st *.50 more for 2 Story

Standard Ea. Solar Clean Up to 45%* OFF *First Time Customer!

$ 39 

Ea Clean Up to 12 Panels Reg:$ 69.99

  • Up to 18 Panels $ 49.99 Reg: $ 89.99
  • 19-25 Panels $ 64.99 Reg: $ 109.99
  • 26-32 Panels $ 79.99 Reg: $ 139.99

Deluxe Ea. Quarterly Solar Clean

$ 49

Ea Clean Up to 12 Panels Reg:$ 69.99

  • Up to 18 Panels $ 59.99 Reg: $ 89.99
  • 19-25 Panels $ 79.99 Reg: $ 109.99
  • 26-32 Panels $ 99.99 Reg: $ 139.99

Premium Ea. Bi-monthly Solar Clean

$ 39

Ea Clean Up to 12 Panels Reg:$ 69.99

  • Up to 18 Panels $ 49.99 Reg: $ 89.99
  • 19-25 Panels $ 64.99 Reg: $ 109.99
  • 26-32 Panels $ 79.99 Reg: $ 139.99

Our Work


Jose and Vincent with Valley Solar Clean came out and did an awesome job on my home. They cleaned our solar system left them sparkling clean. Guys did and amazing job. I highly recommend

- Susan Crossman

Very responsive by phone and text. Easy to schedule a cleaning and great service. Jose and Vincent were very respectful of my clients and they did a great job. I would recommend and use them again!

- Adrian Carey

I was fortunate to Find Valley Solar Clean and their wonderful service. I didn’t realize how dirty my panels were until I saw a side by side photo. For anyone with solar panels this is a must service and Valley Solar Clean is the one to call. I’m booked now Quarterly

- Michael Barela

Vincent is very friendly and explains the cleaning process very thoroughly. He did an excellent job of cleaning my solar panels. I will definitely continue having him clean my panels every 3 months. I highly recommend his service.

- David Fox

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Bakersfield, CA 93309, USA