What We Do

Valley Solar Clean uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure an increase in the amount of energy your panels produce.
Getting on your roof can be dangerous. Don’t risk falling off, damaging your panels or voiding your warranty. let Valley Solar Clean take care of your solar system.

Our technicians are all certified with Working at Heights and are fully insured for your piece of mind.
A standard clean and maintenance inspection will ensure that your solar system will be producing the optimum amount of energy within minutes of us finishing.
Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, each solar panel clean and service includes the following:

Our Process:


Each Valley Solar Clean technician arrives with a de-ionized water cleaning system and custom made brushes to effectively clean your panels every time.
What makes our system so good:
100% de-ionized pure water means a cleaner panel with no spotting or streaking
Environmentally friendly and safe for your rain water storage systems
No chemicals or detergents are required as they can actually damage your panels
Carbon Fiber water-fed poles with scratch free brush heads
Removal of contaminants such as bird droppings, sea salt crystallization, general dust and dirt build up, traffic pollution and tree sap, so more sunlight hits your panels increasing power production


After each panel has been professionally cleaned, our technicians conduct a thorough maintenance check on your solar system.
Each check includes:
A visual inspection of the panels for fractures and hot spots
Frames are inspected for corrosion, loose attachments and any loose cables
Potential shading and soiling observations
Check condition of the isolator switches
This is evidence that you have been meeting your solar panel maintenance obligations in the event of any warranty claim.


Finally, technicians will collect data from your invertor and calculate the overall performance of your solar system.
You will then see first-hand how much power your panels are producing whilst also identifying where you can improve your household’s energy efficiency.